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30 july 2013 version was released.
License change: switch from GPL to MIT License.

1 january 2006

0.3.0 version was released.
This release primarily consists of a synchronization with last XMLSec version (1.2.9).
15 new functions were added for new crypto transform algorithms appeared in XMLSec 1.2.9 (OpenSSL 0.9.8 or greater is required). There were also some minor changes and bugfixes.

31 january 2005

0.2.1 version was released.
Synchronization with XMLSec 1.2.6.
Minor bugs were fixed and the function errorsSetCallback was added.

8 february 2004

0.2.0 version was released.
A basic arguments checking was added.
keyPtrListId, keyDataNameId, keyDataValueId, keyDataRetrievalMethodId, keyDataEncryptedKeyId, transformXmlParserId, transformMemBufId, dsigReferenceCtxListId and simpleKeysStoreId were transformed into functions.

27 january 2004

Methods __getattr__ and __setattr__ were added in Transform and TransformCtx classes.

25 january 2004

New TransformId class was added.
Key data Ids, Transforms Ids and Crypto Transforms Ids became functions.
All examples were updated because Ids became functions.
Method addRetrievalMethod was added in class TmplKeyInfo.
New TmplTransform class was added with 7 methods.
New TmplRetrievalMethod class was added with 1 method.
9 functions were added: keyDataIdsGet, keyDataIdsInit, keyDataIdsShutdown, keyDataIdsRegisterDefault, keyDataIdsRegister, keyDataXmlRead, keyDataXmlWrite, keyDataBinRead, keyDataBinWrite
New KeyData class was added with 13 methods.
New KeyDataId class was added with method getName.
Methods __getattr__ and __setattr__ were added in class NodeSet. script was rewritten. Linker, pre-processor and compiler flags are now automatically detected and the crypto engine can be selected.

15 january 2004

0.1.0 version was released.
Methods __getattr__ and __setattr__ were added in DSigCtx, DSigReferenceCtx, EncCtx, KeyInfoCtx, Buffer, Key, KeyReq, KeysMngr and PtrList classes.
New PtrListId and KeyStoreId classes were added.
Method setSignKey was removed in class DSigCtx.
Methods setEncKey, getResult, getResultBase64Encoded and getResultReplaced were removed in class EncCtx.
Methods setEnabledReferenceUris, getStatus, getKeyInfoReadCtx and getSignedInfoReferences were removed in class DSigCtx.
A decrypting example was added.
Documentation was updated.

30 december 2003

4 functions, 1 klass, 13 methods in class Key, 2 methods in class KeyReq and 4 methods in class KeysMngr were added.
Documentation was updated.

29 december 2003

4 methods in class KeyInfoCtx and 13 functions were added.
A GTK 2.x interface (pyxmlsec-demo) to launch examples was added (screenshot).
Documentation was updated.

25 november 2003

4 functions and 9 transforms Ids methods were added.
New class TransformCtx was created with 4 methods.
New class NodeSet was created with 8 methods.
Documentation was updated.

19 november 2003

A verifying example was added.

18 november 2003

A verifying example, an encrypting example and a decrypting example were added.
2 functions, 1 method in class Key and 1 method in class TmplKeyInfo were added.
Documentation was updated.

17 november 2003

A signing example, 4 Key data ids methods and 3 functions were added.

16 november 2003

An encrypting example was added.
14 Crypto Transforms Ids methods were added.
New class TmplEncData was created with 8 methods.
New class TmplCipherReference was created with 1 method.
Documentation was updated.

15 november 2003

A signing and a verifying examples were added.

13 november 2003

3 methods in class EncCtx and 14 in class Buffer were added.
A decrypting example was added.
Documentation was updated.

12 november 2003

1 method in class EncCtx and 3 functions were added.

11 november 2003

3 examples were added.

10 november 2003

4 functions were added and new class Base64Ctx was created with 5 methods.

9 november 2003

New class EncCtx was created with 12 methods.

8 november 2003

5 functions and 6 constants were added.

5 november 2003

The PyXMLSec's Homepage is ready and put online.
3 methods were added in class DSigCtx and new class DSigReferenceCtx was created with 5 methods.